Affordable and reliable Custom Software Development

Transylvania Link Software caters for the growing need for computer and mobile applications of the small and medium companies in New Zealand.
NZ registered start-up, our market comprises of companies which might be looking for someone to help with a proof of concept, a minimum viable product (MVP), or even a more complex solution. The software developers are outsourced offshore from Transylvania, part of Romania. With a large pool of talented IT professionals, part of European Union and culturally aligned with Europe and US, the region is rapidly affirming itself as an important hub for tech companies.

"Romania is a top IT outsourcing and nearshoring and technology investment destination in Europe. With a €4bn value and a yearly growth of 15%, the sector is one of the key drivers of the thriving Romanian economy. Around 90% of the IT sector consists in outsourcing for foreign companies, thanks to the talent, good education and relatively low wages of the labour force. Romania also has some innovative success stories, such as the well-known cybersecurity company Bitdefender." - NZTE Romania market guide

Valentin, your key contact in New Zealand is a Chartered Accountant who has 15+ years' experience in numerous Kiwi companies, medium and large entities where he has gathered the knowledge and understanding of the NZ business environment.
He is now ready to be your Business Analyst and connect you with his offshore collaborators.
Call him on +6421898163, email or alternatively fill in the form below.

With years of experience, there is expertise to take your business to the next level. You outsource our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company.
The quality of the service and the competitive price, from $25/hr will make you come again.